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About Southeast Tech

Southeast Tech has offered the most cost-effective, career relevant education in Sioux Falls for more than 50 years. What does that mean for you? We focus on education that will get you out the door in 24 months or less with career skills that will get you in the door with the area’s best employers. And the best part is that you can do it for a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree. With over 65 career paths to choose from, our graduates enter the workforce confident and experienced in their chosen profession. 

National accreditation coupled with a faculty that is industry-savvy ensures that not only will your education be valid and credible but also rewarding. Southeast Tech offers Associate in Applied Science degrees (AAS) as well as diplomas and certificates. AAS degrees generally take 24 months or less to complete, and diplomas and certificates typically take one year or less. Southeast Tech is one of South Dakota's most affordable post-secondary institutions and turns out the third-largest higher education graduating class in the state. 

Southeast Tech is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. 

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Our Mission

To educate individuals for dynamic and rewarding careers that promote lifetime success and meet the workforce needs of our region.

Our Vision

Educational excellence for tomorrow’s workforce.

Southeast Tech Core Values

Student Learning: Southeast Tech provides an environment for student mastery of academic and technical skills.

Student Centered: Student satisfaction and success are valued by Southeast Tech and have a high priority among all the stakeholders.

Diversity/Equity: Southeast Tech values and respects the dignity and worth of all persons and the diverse opportunities that are available to everyone.

Excellence: Southeast Tech strives for excellence and quality in all of its endeavors.

Innovation: Southeast Tech values creative solutions and continuously seeks new, flexible and responsive ways to achieve its mission and goals.

Collaboration: Southeast Tech fosters the development of a partnership with all stakeholders in the delivery of its mission and goals.

Accountability: Assessment and evaluation of student learning, programs and institutional effectiveness are systemic processes for assuring success and improvement.

Common Learning Outcomes

Student success is important to everyone at Southeast Tech. Faculty and staff assess student learning collaboratively and continuously. Upon graduation, Southeast students will demonstrate competence in the following curricular and co-curricular learning outcomes:

Curricular Outcomes

Technical Skills:  Students will be able to explain industry-relevant concepts (knowledge) and demonstrate industry-relevant technical skills (performance).

Communication:  Students will be able to define the purpose of the communication; organize and structure the communication; provide supporting material; demonstrate precision of language; and professionally deliver and format the communication.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking:  Students will be able to define the problem; analyze the problem; generate solutions; evaluate solutions; and select the best solution.

Professionalism:  Students will be able to demonstrate positive work ethic; collaborate as part of a team; adapt to change; adhere to professional standards; and model integrity and ethics.

Cocurricular Outcomes

Career Readiness: Students will engage in opportunities that develop skills (teamwork, technical literacy, leadership, networking) to prepare for career success and promote lifelong learning.

Civic Responsibility: Students are able to identify and participate in activities that utilize their skills and impact their communities in a meaningful way. 

Personal Responsibility: Students will accept responsibility for their personal wellness and development, positioning themselves to make responsible life choices.

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